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Guitar Lessons in Rottingdean, BN2

Duncan Howlett started teaching guitar in the year 2000. Having taught at home for many years, he later joined one of the Southern Counties largest independent music teaching organisations doing group and 121 guitar lessons in over 13 primary schools. Currently he teaches both electric and acoustic guitar lessons privately from his home studio in Rottingdean, just outside of Brighton. Since he started, Duncan’s guitar pupil numbers have grown rapidly and all of his pupils have received 100% pass rate on all Trinity Guildhall and Rockschool exams.

Through his past years of teaching, Duncan’s learnt that all pupils are individuals. Alongside the graded courses, he teaches theory, artist study, session styles and recordings. His guitar lessons also teach practical applications for your instrument and how you can best utilise the skills that you learn.

He will always base his lessons around you; how you learn and what you want to cover. Whether you want to learn songs and techniques performed by your favorite band or artist, or you want to take graded examinations or renew and better your existing knowledge, Duncan can help your guitar playing improve. In your guitar lessons he will help you develop Tone, Timing, Performance skills (solo and in a group), Theory, Sight reading, Tab reading, Chord chart reading, Improvisation, Chord melodies and so much more! Duncan can offer lessons in both electric and acoustic guitar, covering a wide variety of genres.

Guitar Lesson Testimonials

Sarah, Mother of Ethan & Rachel-
“Duncan has been teaching both my children for nearly three years – my daughter the drums and my son the guitar. The lessons are the high point of their week which are always fun, fresh and informative. Duncan is an excellent musician himself and generously shares his expertise with his pupils, encouraging them to broaden their musical horizons and try all kinds of techniques and musical forms. He also has a great way with kids: encouraging at all times, enthusiastic and upbeat – they love his company, especially as he always gives 100% in every lesson. And he also makes sure his pupils become ‘complete’ musicians by providing performance opportunities for them and going out of his way to provide them with quality recordings of their own compositions. He is everything a parent could want from a music teacher and has become an integral part of my children’s lives.”

Charlie, Guitar Student-
“Duncan is the best guitar teacher ever. He’s always friendly and is the most professional guitar teacher ever. You can ask him to learn a song and he will teach you it. He teaches from learning notes to reading music. He does everything you name it. he is truly the worlds best guitar teacher ever!!! p.s he’s not only a teacher he is a friend too!!!”

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