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Official Endorsers of Acus Amps


After years of working with my AER Compact 60, I always believed I had the best acoustic amp on the market. It is truly a brilliant amp. However.. an unplugged gig led me to look into battery powered amps and I remembered seeing Acus Amps advertised. I bought their ONEFORSTREET battery powered model the day before the outdoor gig at Nymans gardens, where there was going to be no power. Without much time to trial the amp, it was bought purely on looks alone, and my goodness.. I was not expecting to be so blown away by the sound. The amp provides amazing clarity of sound, with warmth and depth. It instantly became my go to amp and comes with me to every gig.

                        From a fan.. 

                                      to an owner..

                                                  to a friend of the company..

Having built a relationship with the company, I was granted the great honour of becoming an Official Endorser. I have had the pleasure of expanding my Acus setup, adding the STAGE 350EXT speaker and STAGE PRE3 mixing desk. Not only do the products offer superior sound quality, they are also incredibly beautiful to look at with wooden casing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

My current setup

Click here for more information on the great products I use. These will link you to the official Acus website.

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