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Hey hey hey all and welcome to the future! Duncan Howlett Tuition has gone digital and the virtual studio is now open offering guitar, drums, vocals and piano lesson to existing and new pupils.

In order to be face to face online we are going to be using the program Zoom, so it’s essential that you have a device that is capable of running this, a computer, iPad or mobile phone etc. If you haven’t already got this installed you can use the link below to get your account setup! It’s easy to use, free and all the kids are talking about it! If you are really showing off two devices would be awesome, one for filming and one for accessing music/files etc. Not essential but if available super cool! We plan to be using 3 separate devices in our lessons, a pro camera setup, plus a live desktop feed from the iMac and a portable camera for any up close visuals. There is a chat box available for sending files and links etc.Have a think about your practice zone and how you can best position yourself so that we can see you and your equipment. We can of course help with this in our first lesson. Something we’ve been doing is conferencing with ourselves to get used to the software and positions etc.

In regards to audio, built in microphones on devices will work fine. But if you do have access to an external microphone this would be a brilliant upgrade to your setup. There are also some settings that you can adjust that will really help us to hear you clearly in the lessons. Please note, these are currently only available on desktops/laptops and not sadly on the app. Please watch the below video for an explanation of this and how you can change the settings.

Please do get in touch to discuss and confirm a day/time for your lesson if you haven’t already. Once the lesson is confirmed we will provide you with our unique meeting reference number. This is always the same, so can be used to login for every lesson. Once opening Zoom, all you will need to do is click on Join+ and then enter the meeting number. You will at that point enter our ‘waiting room’ and once ready we will admit you into the lesson.

We are constantly searching out new ideas to improve how we work the online lessons and if you have any questions/ideas feel free to discuss these with us. We hope to welcome you to the studio soon!

Duncan x

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