Piano & Vocal Lessons

DHG Tuition offers beginner-intermediate piano and vocal lessons from Lizzy Howlett. Lizzy has been teaching since 2007, is a classically trained pianist, and currently does lessons . She has lots of experience as a performer and songwriter. She was the lead vocalist of The Grand Majestic, an 8 piece Funk/pop band that did some great gigs such as supporting the Brand New Heavies and the Californian Funk legends Breakestra.

If you are wanting to do piano exams she teaches from the ABRSM and Rockschool piano syllabus. She can also help you if you just want to develop your skills and learn to play some of your favourite songs or pieces. Her singing lessons can give you a great introduction to vocal training, including teaching you how to use correct breath control, how to warm up properly, and can work through songs with you giving you tips on how you can improve your vocal technique and performance skills.

If you would like to discuss booking a lesson please get in touch with your requirements.

Karen – Mother of Alex & Evan
“Lizzy did regular vocal coaching for my daughter to prepare her to take the lead in her school play. The role required my daughter to sing several solos and to learn a significant number of lines. Lizzy’s coaching gave my daughter confidence in her own voice, and the belief that she was able to do it. Her training included many warm-up exercises, and training in projection and good breath control. Alex triumphed in her show, and many people have commented on how well she sang, and what a stand-out performance she gave. I believe that Lizzy’s vocal coaching gave her the extra courage to do it to the best of her ability.”

“Lizzy has been my son’s piano teacher for some time, and has given him some excellent formal training in performing and composing. He has been studying guitar for over 6 years, and has been very interested in composing his own music for much of that. Lizzy piano tutoring has given Evan a thorough understanding of the structure of songs, and how to build them, and what elements work well together. My son has said that her rigorous training in the basics has been invaluable in his understanding of how to compose. Understanding how to compose with the piano has increased my son’s enjoyment of his own musical journey.”

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